Any good VR Sports games?

Hi, I only recently bought a VR headset and I’m looking for a fun sports game to play, possibly multiplayer with friends. Any recommendations? Thanks a lot in advance

Think this is one thing VR is missing atm. A true multiplayer sports game.

There’s stuff like echo arena and box VR, but not sure if the latter is multiplayer or not.

Yes, Echo Arena and also The Sparc, you can play it 1v1, where you try to hit your opponent on the backboard and also vice versa defend yours.

Another one is The Climb (kind of sports category) where you rockclimb mountains which is actually pretty fun, and I’m also not sure if it has multiplayer

You should try Racket NX it’s a sports game like tennis. It’s really a fun game and will build up your reflexes. If you want to exercise you may try this one. Me and my friends are playing this game and it’s really awesome. I hope that helps.

Final Soccer VR

This one is pretty fun, you either try to score from a free kick or you are the goalkeeper and try to save the goal. But it requires either HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

If you own any of those it’s on 50% Sale at the moment on Steam on the link above :slight_smile:

That final soccer looks pretty good! :+1:t3:

Dream Match Tennis VR is pretty good, and the AI plays like a pro. You’ll have good exercise trying to beat them.

Final Soccer VR

Yeah, I’ve had a lot of fun with this one playing with friends, if you’re into football definitely give it a try

I’m surprised no one mentioned this but Rec Room Paintball is pretty good (and free)

Adding Sprint Vector to the list:

Fit It looks like a great stretching and easy workout game:

I’m almost sorry I’m not Vive user because of this game

I just found a page that deserves to be shared here:

It’s a list of almost all available VR games that will burn your calories.

Wow! So much effort is put into that page. How on earth did they calculate calories and all? :o