Best free Steam games

I always feel like I’m missing something with these free games. There are so many disappointing ones and not really free and it takes me ages to find something decent. What are your best finds?

Mine would be - at least for now - ArcheAge

Give War Thunder VR a go. The reviews aren’t the best but I personally really liked it

When I’m bored I load Secret World Legends. Not the best game ever, but world and story are great.

It looks a little simplistic, but Rec Room is free on Steam and I think it’s a blast! The mini-game/hangout-rooms idea is good for quick breaks or marathon sessions, and the low-poly/simple-texture combo let it run pretty well on lower-end hardware. I also just discovered you can play it with a regular monitor and keyboard setup, so you can chill and play games with your friends who don’t have a VR setup!

My favorite room/game so far is Paintball capture the flag; the community seems pretty chill overall, and the physics-based paintball blasters are a lot of fun to mess around with.

I’ve tried Maple Story 2 and few hours in I’m completely in love! There are options that can be purchased but even without spending a cent it’s a great relaxing game

Waltz of the Wizard is one of my favorite free things on Steam VR at the moment

This is not on Steam but is really fun:

lol My head is spinning just from watching this

Today I’ve found PokerStars VR. It’s surprisingly good!

@Nathan - thumbs up! this game is everything one would expect from poker game. I tried it, assuming I’d get bored in few minutes but ended spending few hours playing it.