Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts?

I know we have a thread with deals but I think Black Friday deserves its own. Last year deals were disappointing, I sure hope this year will be better. No announcements yet tho. What do you think, can we expect some good deals?

Have a feeling this year’s BF/CM will be a good one for VR.

We’re doing a VR Black Friday post soon on this, so keep your eyes peeled.

I hope you’re right. Some predictions say we’ll see Oculus Rift at $320 and PlayStation VR bundles from $185.

First announcements are here! Target is taking off $100 of several PSVR bundles

Do you guys think Vive will do discounts this year?

I don’t think HTC will participate in Black Friday, they’re not really into all those discounts.

On brighter side - Samsung Black Friday early sale started, Odyssey is 40% off:

So… anyone grabbed anything?