Cables tips and tricks

I’m curious, what are your tricks to not tripping on cables all the time? I’m always scared I’ll end up falling over the cable.

The most effective way to prevent tangling your feet with the cables is to clip the cables to yourself, more specifically to a belt using a belt clip or something similar. Easy and cheap but very effective :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll try that

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Yeah with actiony games where you’re moving about a lot, it can be a little tricky. Roll on high performance standalone headset gaming!!!

When developing I tend to use a backless desk chair or stool – the sort with caster wheels on the bottom. I attached a loop of fabric to the underside of the seat to act as a cable guide. When I’m sitting at my desk it keeps the HMD cables from getting tangled in my lap, and when I’m testing out what I’ve built it helps keep the cables off the floor so I won’t trip :slight_smile:

@brenden.peters - that sounds like a great plan. But I stand most of the time when playing so stool in the playing area would be just one more thing to be scared of lol

@timbooo - I’m thinking the same thing :smiley: