Computer games?

I’m sure tons of people have Steam or something like it on their computers so what is everyone playing?

I picked up Spore from a sale a while back so I’ve been playing that and Shelter 2 lately!

The last game I played all the way through on computer was probably Undertale, such an addicting game considering it’s 8bit graphics and slow burn game play!

Heh, Spore. I had high hopes for this game but it ended up childish. The Galactic Adventures had potential, but I perceived the whole thing as incredibly time taking. You would take hours to build a nice mission so someone may rush through it in 10 minutes or so. The Space phase itself is rather annoying, fine at the beginning but you get so little money from missions and spend so much of it. But it’s not a bad game in overall.

I play DOTA2 on Steam. I’ve been playing it for 3 years already. Actually, I started playing it when I am on college and it was still on Warcraft3. Good thing they remake the game with a better graphics and now it is more fun.

Dota 2, Nier Automata, and soon Valkyria Chronicles 4. Dota 2 has VR, but you can only use it to spectate others.

I am currently playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on my computer. That’s the only game I am playing on pc because I am playing on my phone now. But I played a lot of games before like TERA, WoW, RF online and others.