Converting to VR

What games, that exist on PC/Xbox/PS4 would you like to get in a VR version? I’m talking about the whole conversion, including the mechanics obviously, so they suit the VR idea.
I would love the Witcher, but I don’t think it will ever be possible. There are just so many controls for elixirs, equipment etc. And just fighting wouldn’t be fun enough.
Do you have any proposals that could work well or actually even better in VR versions?

Well I think it would be really fun to play lets say Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 ( the new, Pubg-like Battle for Royale ) in VR, I don’t know if it could work better than playing it on pc or console but since there are other shooter VR games already I guess it’s feasible

Crash Bash. That game would be so much fun in VR! Oh, and I’d love to see Black and White too.

It’s highly unlikely, but Silent Hill in VR is my dream. I loved that game!