Creative VR Apps

I know this is not so much about gaming, but it’s still VR. What creative&arts apps have you tried and what would you recommend? I’m looking for Rift apps…

Try Tilt Brush, I liked it a lot :slight_smile:

I believe PaintLab is the most newbie-friendly one out there (while still powerful), I have tried it and it’s pretty good.

You can install it for free on the Steam link below

I’ve tried PaintLab thank you. It was kinda fun but got tired of it really fast.

I still have Tilt Brush on my list. I’ve checked some videos and it’s amazing what can be done with it.

Like this for example:

Wow! This is stunning <3

I don’t think it’s so much about the tool, I believe it’s a matter of talent. The only way I could create something like this if the app do it all by itself lol

You’re probably right, but I’m willing to try. It can’t be much harder than photoshop, right? :smiley: