Early Access Games

I’m going through winter sale on Steam and I see a lot of early access games. I understand developers need to raise funds somehow and selling early access games is great way to do so, I still can’t see why they think it’s ok to sell early access games for $40 or more.

Do you buy early access games? And what you think would be acceptable and fair price for games in development?

I never buy early access games. Maybe, but just maybe if I find something I really really like and it’s not more than $5 I’d buy it, but that’s my max. I just don’t feel like paying for a product that’s far from finished.

I don-t treat early access games any different than regular ones. If I like it I buy it and don’t care much if it’s $5 or $45. Didn’t have any bad experiences with these games till now, they are mostly fully developed games that just need a bit of polishing.

Till now I bought only few early access games, none was more than 20 and all was fine. However, I’ve seen a lot of abandoned games, bad reviews for early access apps and situations where it turned out that releasing early access app was only the way to get some quick money so I’m super careful. I don’t think I would pay 40 or 50 for such game ever.

Yes, shady developers are a real problem on Steam and you’re right to be careful. Way too many things are published just to take your money without providing any value for money. It’s a good idea to go through reviews and forums before purchasing something new and early access or beta.

I buy them and don’t care about the price much. If I like the game, if reviews are not terrible and if developer is not well known for abandoning their work in progress I buy it. I had few disappointing experiences but nothing major or worth mentioning, it was my poor judgement and those games would not be what I wanted even if they were completed and polished. Most of early access games I bought were great and I wasn’t sorry.