Escape Room Games

Hi everyone! I’m looking for decent escape room game and any help will be appreciated. I wanted to try Escape Room VR: Stories but after reading reviews I kinda gave up. Apparently this was created for VIve and not really playable on Oculus. Or anyone knows if that’s fixed?

I don’t know about Escape Room VR: Stories but something else that I can suggest is Obduction VR.
The graphics and music are amazing, the puzzles are fun, and you will spend a good amount of time to complete it, at least something like 12 hours for sure… you can check it out here:

Op - I expect you to die?

Also Abode I think…but not tried myself.

@Boris.The.Blade - thank you so much! I don’t know how I missed this, it looks like a real treat.

@bonsai girl you are welcome :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure you will enjoy it

Played this recently:

It was short but so much fun!

Short one but on sale atm:

This one looks promising:

Thank you Grox, added to my wishlist <3

New escape room game came:

Short, sweet and free <3

Oh, and one more that’s going even to my wishlist:

This Lighthouse sounds great. I hope it won’t be one of those super short stories you’re done with in an hour.