Facebook has finally spoken about AR glasses

Facebook working on AR and VR isn’t news, but them talking about it definitely is! Last year they said AR glasses are still almost ten years away, let’s hope they were wrong.


I don’t understand why they need several years since they already have a working prototype and all the money…

Looks like something really is happening. Facebook plans major expansion of Oculus campus: https://www.geekwire.com/2018/building-x-facebook-reportedly-plans-major-expansion-oculus-campus-seattle-suburbs/

And Oculus is on a hiring spree, they have 170 open positions in Redmond on the job board.

I’ve seen in news Facebook is reorganizing teams to speed up things as much as possible. I hope that means we’ll be seeing many improvements in VR gaming next year.

Well, that escalated quickly: https://uploadvr.com/oculus-division-facebook-technologies/

Oculus is no longer a company but a part of Facebook. I just hope they don’t mess up Quest

I don’t think this is such a big deal. Oculus will stay Oculus, at least until Quest is out and predicting anything for late 2019 would be stupid as gaming trends can change overnight.