First headset

Hi guys,
can you recommend a good headset for a beginner trying VR for the first time? I don’t wanna spend too much, but I really wanna try VR on my own, not just some random things at conventions that let you sample the VR systems. Which system is gonna have the biggest variety of content? Trying a bit of everything is good for beginning, right?
I’ve been thinking about Google Cardboard but it may be disappointing (I think I may have high expectations), thoughts?

The first low end headset I bought a few months back was Topmaxions 3D VR Glasses after reading a bunch of positive reviews, and it for sure is pretty damn good for several bucks.

It’s quality is pretty standard so don’t expect a lot, but compared to the Google Cardboard it’s a lot better option.

I believe you can find it for about 13-14$ on Amazon.

It is rather cheap, as is the Google Cardboard, so why do you think it’s better? Because of how it’s made? Or there is an actual improvement in quality of the VR, not taking the physical part of the said headset into account.

You may try Zeiss VR ONE Plus Headset I found 12-15$ on sale today. Its cheap so for me it’s fine. You may buy a better one if you already tried it and enjoy playing. That’s what I will do because right now I am still saving money to buy a great one.

Yeah, I’m both trying to save money but I also wanna play already :smiley:
Zeiss VR ONE Plus Headset does also require your phone?

Depends on how much you’re looking to spend. If around $200, then the Oculus Go is probably your best bet. You’ve gotta think about content as well as the header itself.

Yep, exactly what I was thinking about. I don’t just want a VR headset, I really wanna enjoy the experience and have fun. WhatVR recommends Oculus Go themselves as a first headset, am I right? But the main difference is that there is only one controller and I think it may really change the whole gameplay compared to other headsets, thoughts?

If you don’t want to spend like 400$ and risk it, you can opt for this Lenovo Explorer, you get the whole bundle (headset + motion controllers) for 179.99$. Considering the price difference it is still pretty high quality, it’s lightweight and it won’t break the bank while you will get an insight whether you want to invest in something of higher quality in the future.

I tried several headsets before realizing Rift is the best for me. If I didn’t have a chance to put them all on my head I’d probably go with Oculus Go. I think $200 is fine price for something like this, it’s less than a decent phone and it’s a standalone platform.

@StuffedRoll27 - one controller sure is a minor minus, but shouldn’t affect the whole experience much. Plus, from what I’ve read Oculus is planning to add multiple controllers support.

Hi everyone! I too am looking for my first headset. The only thing I know for sure is that I want a stand alone headset, so nothing with cables. My biggest question is should I wait till spring for new Oculus or take one of available headsets?

Hey @korry

It depends on your budget and what you’re looking to do with the headset to be honest.

Are you playing games seriously or just casually?

Is your budget under $200 or up to $400?

@timbooo, I’m a casual player, it will mostly be used for simple and sim games and maybe some creative apps few hours per week. I don’t care much about sound quality but I do care about picture quality. I’m good to go up to $500 but I wouldn’t mind saving some money if possible :slight_smile:

Hmm, stand-alone is a good choice then. I’d either go for the Oculus Go now if you can’t wait. Also, if you’re in the Northern hemisphere you’re probably likely to get more use out of it over the winter period. You could always sell that and get the Quest when it launches next year if you wanted to. The Vive focus is also due to come out soon-ish but I haven’t heard anything about dates yet.

Thank you timbooo! I’ll see if Black Friday will have something to offer, if not I’ll most likely wait till spring. That’s when Oculus Quest should become available, if I got it right?

I would definitely wait till spring for Quest to come out.

Hi all. I started my VR journey with Oculus Go. It was the only logic choice. When choosing headset I spent days reading user’s experiences, there were a lot of complaints about headache, blurry picture, terrible sound, vertigo experiences and all kind of stuff, so as I wasn’t able to try out any of the headsets before buying I needed something fairly cheap so I wouldn’t be too disappointed if migraine, vertigo or something kicks in and I have to give up. I’m not super happy about the quality, but it’s ok. What I’m sure is that I would always choose standalone headset instead of those with wires and I would always recommend something standalone and fairly cheap as first contact with VR gaming.

Yeah, there are lot of issues with VR gaming people tend not to talk about, like room size, migraines, vertigos. Only few people have bad experiences but it’s good to be cautious if you plan to cash out few hundred dollars, especially if you have migraines or other health conditions that can be triggered by motion or light.