Gen1 Vs Gen2

I often see people are referring to current headsets as Gen1 and even more often I see mentions of Gen2 headsets that are coming soon. I really don’t understand this talk so could someone be kind enough to explain what’s the deal with these generations, how we’ll know Gen2 is here and what will be different?

I’ve seen a lot of talk about this but I don’t think we as end users will notice that difference and I don’t think there will be a clean cut. Oculus says that Quest is their last gen1 headset. I think I saw somewhere new Vive will be gen2. But I think no one except developers cares about that generation thing.

Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of discussions about generations too lately. There are mostly two groups of people, one that can’t wait for gen2 to finally arrive and those who just don’t care. I’m not sure what people expect to see from gen2? I seriously doubt we’ll see big changes any time soon, lenses mentioned in plans of big companies are still the same, maybe some small improvements in sound and wireless headsets but I doubt gen2 will make any significant difference for gamers.

Just to add why I think nothing important will happen soon with this generation thing. Second generation of headsets should bring obvious advancements and no downgrades. At this point there is no headset announced that would meet those standards. All announced headsets use same sensors and same or similar lenses than those already out on the market. They do offer better resolution and sound but that’s definitely not what new generation should be about. It should be about new sensors, new lenses and other pieces of hardware that would make VR experience at least 50% better.

How we’ll know? That’s easy - every company will loudly announce their first Gen2 headset. Main difference should be in hardware which should give us better experience.