Going back to flatland

I just realized that I almost completely stopped playing flat games lately. And to my surprise I don’t really feel like missing any of flat games I used to play.

Do you guys still play normal games or you abandoned them just like me?

I do. I love my headset and whole VR world, but when I feel like spending a day playing games I prefer normal games. VR feels more like exercise and my headset gets hot when used for a longer period of time and I don’t want to end up like that guy with burnt head :smiley:

I don’t know if that counts as most gamers will say it doesn’t, but I’m still use my PC for Minecraft and Second Life.

I still prefer flat Minecraft mostly because of texture and mod packs plus vertigo I occasionally get when going too high. And SL is more of a community than a game. Unless all my friends move from SL to something in VR I don’t think I’ll switch.

I stopped using my PC almost completely. Don’t miss sitting for hours at all.

I still do games on my PC just as before. VR is better for watching movies, active relaxation and things like that but still can’t replace good old keyboard for me.

Oculus Go user here so yeah I still use my PC every day just as before. Headset is just a cute gadget for boring rainy days.