Google Cardboard?

I was looking up different VR headsets and ran across something called Google Cardboard and it made me wonder what exactly the point of it is and who would want a headset made of cardboard?

Has anyone actually tried on these?

It’s basically just a cardboard holder that you put your phone into. Not bad if you’ve never tried ‘VR’ before but it’s just very very basic! Like REALLY basic. It’s mainly 360 videos and images I think but can be fun I spose.

Just as @timbooo said, they are real basic, but also real cheap. I think it’s like $15? They say themselves it’s an entry-level headset so like just phone content… So 360 degrees videos from YT or some pictures you can find on Facebook? It’s rather annoying to just move your phone, you can as well just use this funny cardboard holder.
I.m thinking about investing in one because I won’t be regretting the money

I agree. The price is so cheap it won’t hurt you a lot if you buy one. I purchased one last year and its fun. I really enjoyed it using my Phone.

I’d splash out a little more money and get maybe something like a Samsung Gear VR for around $50. sometimes online there are loads of good deals, especially with Christmas coming up.