Google Daydream as a Christmas gift

So, I’m thinking about buying Google Daydream as a gift to a friend for Christmas. I know absolutely nothing about Daydream so have a few questions - will that work with any smartphone or it has to be one from the list? I’ve checked on Google Daydream page and only 8 phones are listed as supported. Is that really true or it’s just Google trying to sell phones?

Also, what can be done and played with this headset?

Are there any alternatives within this price range?

I’m not sure about supported devices, but I wouldn’t risk it. Only worse thing than not having a VR headset is having one and not being able to use it.

You’re probably right. I guess I’ll think of something else. Thank you.

Have you checked Cardboard? I think it’s more phone friendly than Daydream…

I haven’t, for me it looks a bit too cheap to be given as a gift. If you know about the version that looks better I’ll gladly check

Try Homido, that thing works with most phones I think.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of that thing. If it really works with most phones this could be just what I need, thank you!