How big should my room be to use VR?

Probably one more noob question that’ll make you laugh, but - does my room have to be a particular size to use VR?

People playing in small spaces - is VR gaming still satisfying experience even tho you’re not able to move a lot? And how small we’re talking about?

HTC Vive says 4x3 meters is the minimum, but I know a lot of people playing in smaller spaces like 2x2 meters. My room is bigger than 4x3 so I don’t really have any experience with playing in smaller rooms but maybe someone else will be able to help with their experience.

It’s a bit tricky playing active games in small spaces but if you’ll play games where you can sit it doesn’t really matter.

One thing more important than room size that people tend to forget to mention is that you shouldn’t have any reflective surfaces in your play area. You’ll want to cover any mirrors, windows and big glass surfaces.