How did you decide to get a headset?

I still can’t decide what to get so I’m asking - how did you guys get your first headset? How did you decide it’s the one for you? What were your biggest worries? Did you tried it before getting it? And were you happy with it when you finally had it at home?

My friend got PSVR and that was my first chance to try it. I loved the experience, but since I don’t have a Playstation PSVR was not the option for me. Took me around month to go through all important threads I could found online to find the best solution for me.

I tried all available headsets before purchase.Went from store to store until I got my hands on every headset I was interested in as I couldn’t imagine buying something without trying it fist. My biggest concerns were vertigo and migraine but looks like they’re not so easily triggered as people tent to talk on forums.

I tried Vive and Rift before purchase. Both looked fantastic and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between those two so lower price was the key for getting Rift. While it looked absolutely amazing in store when I first turned it on at home I was kinda disappointed. Setting everything up was complicated, my PC wasn’t too happy with new peace of hardware, tons of bugs, not so good games available etc. I got used to it but if I’d have to choose now it would probably be PSVR.

As a gadget freak I just had to have one. Didn’t expect much, actually, didn’t expect anything and I assumed it would stand in a corner collecting dust most of the time. I asked people of reddit for advice, read few articles and that was about it. I actually liked it more than I thought I would. Most annoying thing are cables. So many cables. Can’t wait to upgrade to standalone headset.

I just wanted a new toy. I didn’t do almost any research, I just knew I don’t want to upgrade my (decent) PC and I preferred no cables. At that moment the only choice I had was Oculus Go so that was it. I was and still am a bit disappointed with software and all limitation and if I had to buy a headset now I definitely would wait for something else.

At the rate headsets are developing you would wait for a long long time :smiley:

lol I know you’re right but I hope for the best :smiley: