How do you feel about your VR experience?

Just curious, what do you guys think about the whole experience ?
What do you want to see next from manufacturers that’s currently missing / that you would like to see implemented in the VR world ?
Also what do you love/hate about it ?

Would be interesting to hear some opinions :slight_smile:

I think the whole experience is great and totally futuristic. I really enjoy trying out the equipment on various conventions etc. I’m about to buy my first headset, I just wish it was a bit less expensive :stuck_out_tongue:
I also wish it was a tad more popular honestly, it would be way cooler if more people got interested in it. It’s always great to share interests with people, the more the better.

Yeah, I definitely think that VR/AR will get really big in the next few years. Looks like VR headsets are probably gonna be a popular Christmas present this year which could help drive popularity!

Oh an in response to the OP, I would say it’s everything. The whole immersion is what’s so cool in VR. Almost all senses are tricked into thinking what you’re seeing and hearing is real.

I lost weight because of the tennis game and walking from here to there. My mom has never been happier… Nobody believes I’m now exercising. rofl… It’s like hitting 324832745983274032174x birds in one stone for me. Great experience.

Yeah that’s actually one big benefit that rarely anyone talks about… Depending on the game played you can actually get some good exercise in unlike playing on like pc, ps4 and everything else :slight_smile:

Exercise is great, but doesn’t it require a lot of space? It probably isn’t too comfortable to play VR in a small living room, constantly worrying if you are gonna hit that coffee table or not… :stuck_out_tongue: How do you manage with small spaces guys?

Yeah, fortunately I got plenty of space in my living room to use my VR properly, I can’t imagine doing it in a tight space :confused: Would influence the whole experience a lot at least for me

You don’t even need lots of space with a lot of games where you’re not moving about. Loads of games and apps/movies in VR don’t even require you to move at all.

Well, yeah. I think you indeed need some wide space to enjoy VR if the sole purpose is to have some exercise. Good thing I’m not having problems with this one here in my place. :smiley:

Loving every minute of it :slight_smile: As I’m a hardcore gamer, the switch from playing games solely on pc and consoles to VR has been huge for me, and it’s really exciting to think how far the gaming world will expand the next few years

I bought my first VR (Oculus Rift) like a few days ago, and I just can’t believe what I’ve been missing :smiley: I’ve probably left the house like twice at most, just so that I got food and drinks at home for between playing sessions :smiley:

Some interesting discussion here guys. Interested to hear more about everyone’s different experiences and what they enjoy most about VR.