Independent or phone dependent?

Which do you think is better, an independent VR headset or a headset that is dependent on your phone?
An independent headset is probably gonna be more expensive, right? However, while the other option is cheaper, it may influence your further decisions about getting a new phone. What do you think about it?
I would be more into independent headsets. More expensive, sure, but if I were to make such a purchase, I think it would be wiser to buy something independent. Phones change basically every year nowadays…

Umm, well standalone headsets like the oculus go are actually cheaper than buying a headset AND the cost of a smartphone. If you think about it, a Samsung/iPhone is gonna set you back a few hundred at least.

Oculus Go FTW! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hey, but you already own a smartphone! At least most people do, lol. And you can use the smartphone for other things, like, well, phoning people? :stuck_out_tongue:

An Independent headset will definitely work better. Headsets lasts longer than smartphones most of the time. If I’ am to upgrade phone every 3 years because I have to, but would love to use the same headset til it gets broken, why not?

Yes, but at the same time, the VR equipment is also being enhanced. The technology is still evolving, so I can’t imagine using the same headset after a few years, it’s gonna get outdated and new games won’t be compatible (that’s what I would do as a producer :stuck_out_tongue: ). So I think the market is going to force us to buy new headsets every few years…

An independent headset seems like a way more practical option to me as well. And yeah not everyone is using their smartphone to the limits… some only use it for calls, Facebook, Instagram etc. so the whole buying a new smartphone just for the sake of a VR headset seems very impractical to me

I mean, most people already have a phone that is VR capable with certain equipment… The fact they don’t use this feature is for another discussion :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d go for independent. But that’s the cheap smartphone owner talking. I don’t think it would be worth investing $1000 in phone and equipment when you can get good standalone headset for half of that price.