Kicking things off - what's your favourite VR game?

We’re kicking things off with a question to everyone; what is your favourite VR game?

We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

WhatVR Team :slight_smile:

Definitely has got to be Firewall for me. I’ve played probably around 10 decent games, but in terms of action and team playing, I love it. Can’t wait to try it out on oculus quest and see if it’s as good.

My favorite one would have to be Beat Saber.

I love music and rhythm games so Beat Saber is perfect!

Great music and a heck of a challenge if you crank up the difficultly.

Even tho I’m not a big fan of survival games, I’m a big fan of seawater so I gave Subnautica a chance.

And it’s beautiful. It’s very intriguing. And last but not least - horrifying.

The music and the story are pretty good as well, this game certainly has my love

We have to agree with Beat Saber! SO much fun… :slight_smile:

That’s one topic I’m going to follow closely for sure, just starting to settle myself in the whole VR thing and I need some idea of games that are actually fun, not just depend on internet reviews.

+1 for Beat Saber! It’s the perfect VR game for me for sure

I agree that the Beat Saber is a cool game. However, I enjoy playing The Climb more maybe because I love mountain climbing.

I love Moss on PSVR! You get to love that little guy haha :joy:

Any more VR gems that people have played and loved? :slight_smile:

If you own a quality VR headset, I strongly suggest Skyrim VR. Just get some mods and tweak a couple of graphic settings and you got a game that’s hardly distinguishable from real life.

+1 for Skyrim, graphics are perfect!

Hi all! I’d recommend you to try Pavlov VR. That’s one of my all time favorites.

Changing my mind - Forest VR is going on top of my list