Minecraft anyone?

I’m just curious, how many of you are playing Minecraft VR? How much time do you spend playing? I’m a huge, but really huge fan of Minecraft and am honestly scared I’ll stop leaving the house until next summer if I turn this game on.

I used to be a Minecraft addict a couple of years ago as well, and so far I haven’t got around to trying it in VR even though I really want to, but I’m pretty scared for the same reasons you are lol

Gentlemen, welcome to the dark side lol Good thing is you don’t have to buy VR version if you already bought it for PC. All you have to do is press play. Easy, right?

And yes, you should be scared. Very scared! Minecraft is addictive when played on normal screen, now imagine that same world all around you!

Tried MC VR yesterday. It was impressive. It’s awesome to see whole world and mobs life-sized. And I found out vertigo in VR is a real thing.

Tip: when you first try it, stay away from ravines.

One more question - will custom texture packs work in VR mode?

@Grox - My favorite one wasn’t working, but maybe for you it’ll work. I’m still looking for a solution…