Would you like to play some MMO games on VR technology? Do you think it would work? I feel like not enough people have the VR headsets to create a group that can interact with each other, but do you think the idea could spread? Waiting for your responses :wink:

I’m sure I saw a recent concept of WoW recently on VR but not sure how far off they are to developing the full version. :sweat_smile:

As much as I’d love to play World of Warcraft in VR, I don’t see how it could be done so that you can play the game competitively considering there’s so many spells to use first of, complex movement etc… it would be impossible just with that :confused:

But still, I think I would really enjoy the exploration part of the game, just imagine flying over cities and battlefields on a dragon, seems good enough to me :smiley:

It might work for some, depends on the gameplay. But it would definitely require standing, or I don’t know, I can’t imagine the pvp part. Maybe a genius would someday make this work.

Yeah, they should develop technology some more, but maybe they could do something like Wii VR? You would have a different type of controller that would work more like a sword. That would be a good start in this direction, I guess. But I’m no designer so I’m unsure something like that could even work.