Money talk

VR gaming is cool - but let’s be honest for a minute - it’s super expensive hobby. All decent games cost at least $20 and most of them are either too short for that money (at least that’s what I think).

I’m curious, how much is everyone spending on games?

My answer is simple - too much.

I have no idea how much I spent. I buy games from different sources and don’t really keep track of my purchases, but couple hundred, at least.

My budget is $20 every month, but I don’t spent it all every month and there are months when I don’t spend anything at all so I’d say for me it’s not any more expensive than any other hobby.

I don’t spend as much as I expected I would. $20-30 now and then

When I was getting my headset I thought I would be spending a LOT. But I am not. Maybe $60 all together. It might be because I can’t find anything attractive enough for me to spend money on it. But also I love messing around in VR without really playing something, I love travel apps, artistic apps, interactive stories etc and there are tons of free apps that allow me to do that so that might be the reason too.