New *free* short story - The Bond

You might want to check this out. It just released, it’s free and looks amazing!

The Bond is a visually stunning VR short about an ancient healer and her connection with all living things - good or evil. Far away, in an alien forest, a TiaMuati and her faithful beast seek out a sacred glade. Here she can connect with the web of life - and see the world through other’s eyes. But there’s an imbalance - a dark presence. As the forest's guardian she must confront it... and you're coming with her.

This was wonderful. Thank you!

Just found one more, even better one:

Can you believe this was made with tilt brush? :o

Looks like December will be all about short stories and VR experiences. I went through this one: , quite unique experience, I must say.

I played The Art Theft recently and loved every part of it! It’s only about 10 minutes long and free: