Oculus Quest - what do you think?

Well, Oculus announced the new standalone Quest this week at Connect. What do you guys think? Will you be buying one next year?

While hardware wise it is certainly better than the current Rift, we have yet to see how it will perform software wise but so far it doesn’t seem to scale up to the current Oculus.

Which is understandable considering the Oculus Rift total package takes around 1400$ to buy and the upcoming Quest is at 399$. And even though the no wires change is quite good I don’t think I would trade it with a lot worse graphics. However it for sure is a good option for people that don’t want to spend a lot of money and still get the experience

I believe future versions of Quest will certainly come on top by miles but that’s far ahead at the moment :slight_smile:

I think it looks like a good choice for people just getting into VR, the price tag is much less intimidating than the Rift.

I also love the thought of a cord free experience, I think that’s a great direction to take things because, lets face it, no one wants to trip over cords when you have a $1000 piece of hardware strapped your face.

Actually the quest is the same price as the rift.

No wires but not quite as powerful. Definily will be better than the Go though!

Well, $400 looks waaaaaay better than $1400. And no cords!
Tripping on a cord while you’re playing is, ummmm, awful to say the least? You are literally wearing hundreds of dollars on your face, you don’t wanna it to end up on the floor, that’s for sure.
Also, you can play pretty much everywhere with it. Maybe be a good idea for going away for a weekend? You don’t have to worry about taking whole box of stuff.
But they just announced it, so let’s wait.

I think I will definitely be upgrading to Quest as soon as it appears. Can’t wait for spring to come!

I strongly believe Oculus Quest will be real game changer. If nothing goes wrong it will be better than any current headsets in that price range and it will be PC/phone independent. The only question is how fast developers will follow as I don’t believe SteamVR apps and games will be compatible with stand alone headset.

It would be cool if Quest has better performance than Rift, or at least the same. That would probably make a new standard in VR gaming that would make things more user friendly, with fewer wires and hopefully cheaper.

Quest could be the most wonderful thing that happened in VR till now. I hope it will be as good as they claim it would be, if not better.

I’ve read somewhere that Oculus will have something like 50 titles available in 2019. Now I’m disappointed. I really wanted to switch to wireless headset and was looking forward seeing Quest on the market but if there will no be apps or games for it I don’t think that will be worth switching :frowning:

I’ve read somewhere that Oculus will have something like 50 titles available in 2019.

I sure hope that’s not true. I’m really looking forward to upgrade from Go to Quest as soon as it appears in stores

I’m trying to find some good news but with no luck. Any news on this headset? Spring is almost here…

Our Oculus Quest in-depth review is now up :slight_smile: