Oculus Rift right lens stopped working

Hi, my Oculus Rift was completely fine until 2 days ago (have used it for a few months), and now suddenly the right lens completely stopped working for some reason, I have tried reinstalling the drivers, unplug and replug in the cables etc. but nothing works. If somebody can give me some advice I would be really grateful, thanks

Can’t help, but same happened to mine and Oculus replaced the headset.

Have you tried using it on a different computer ?
Could still be about some software issues… if even that doesn’t fix it, it’s probably a hardware issue… if so try contacting Oculus official support on this link and they should be able to help you out - https://tickets.oculusvr.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I just did on a friend’s computer and still the same, I guess I will look into the customer support, thanks for helping out :slight_smile: