Personalizing a headset

Fair warning: potentially stupid question ahead :smiley:

I have this strange need to revamp things around me from time to time. Just recently I learned there are skins you can buy for headsets and I’m thinking of buying some. My question is - is that safe? Anyone tried covering their headset with skin? My biggest worry is that it could start overheating…

I haven’t tried, but also, I never heard of anyone having problems with overheating due to skins or covers. The only case of overheating I heard of was that guy from Twitter who got his head burnt. My bigger worry would be not to cover any important parts of the headset so make sure you have holes on the skin on all right places.

I’ll just say - googly eyes make everything better :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 for googly eyes. People watching you play will be highly entertained :smiley:


I appreciate your idea but no, I’m not gluing google eyes to my headset :smiley:

But… look:

I’m actually thinking about putting eyes on my own now lol