PS4 games anyone? What's everyone playing?

I am currently playing (and loving) the new Spiderman game on my PS4! What is everyone else playing?

Since I’ve binge watched the Star Trek series like 3 times so far, I found to enjoy Star Trek: Bridge Crew a lot.

Really makes you feel as if you’re reliving the movies and it’s so much fun especially if you get a good group :slight_smile:

I played God of War but right now I am playing Tera Online. This one is an old MMORPG in PC but when we found out that it was released on PS4 this year, me and my friends play it.

I just got Valkyria Chronicles 4 and I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s a strategy shooting game, and it seems to have a pretty good storyline too.

I’ve played Monster Hunter: World on PS4 a lot, I’ve always been impressed with dinosaurs and it’s so exciting to play it since it’s all made so real… I think what would be really awesome if it can get VR integrated, but damn when one of those big guys starts chasing you it gets me thinking if I really want to try it in VR mode lol :smiley:

I just started playing the newest God of War a few days ago, I’ve played the ones before it but haven’t gotten my hands on this one yet. I have to say it’s one of the most complete games I’ve ever played. Amazing storyline, amazing graphics, amazing gameplay