Sitting or standing?

Do you play sitting or standing? And why?

Mostly I’m playing while standing since almost all games are made to be played that way… there are exceptions of course, like most racing games… and some other games like I Expect You To Die are also designed to be played while sitting

I prefer standing too, but after vertigo experience in MC I think I’ll spend more time sitting, probably on the floor to be as near to the ground as possible :smiley:

Normally sitting/ lying down but some games standing.

@timbooo lol sorry, but I have to ask - what are you playing lying down?

I have to try that, must be a very unique experience :smiley:


Haha, I mean like lying on the couch or bed chilling. There’s loads of games and experiences you can do lying down… :sweat_smile:

As an almost adult man I can confirm what timbooo said, there are a lot of VR umm experiences you can do lying down :smiley:

On topic - most often I sit

Standing. Too much sitting was the main reason I got VR

Sitting whenever possible, still great experience