Social VR

Is that even a thing? I feel like no matter how hard developers try they can’t create communities when there aren’t enough people who would come and stay.

I know about Rec Room, VR Chat, Hypatia, and Altspace VR. Tried them all, haven’t stay in any. Hoping I’m missing something, I’m asking if there are any communities good enough to try. By good enough I mean - they have people online, not too buggy, decent graphics, not too slow, have something to offer besides just talking to random creeps.

Rec Room is fun and I wouldn’t put it in the same basket with all the others. It at least has something to offer. I tried entering VR chat once but it looked kinda messy and chaotic so I gave up. I don’t know, maybe I should give it a second chance.

Just to bump my own thread and add one more to the list… I found Sansar. It’s made by Linden Lab so I had some expectations but it’s nothing like Second Life. No music, no videos, no clubbing, building is a bit weird and not so many people around. It’s good to play with your friends tho, plenty of things to do with them. I’ll try to remember to turn it on in few months to check if they made anything better.

And You’re There, Too sounds like a good idea. I’m planning to try it later next week.

I actually like Altspace. I’m a Second Life player, playing for years and for me Altspace is the closest thing to that in VR world at the moment. I was hoping Sansar would be VR Second Life but that unfortunately didn’t happen.