I’ve seen all around the internet news that Valve VR prototype images leaked. It’s possible I live under a rock so excuse my question if it’s stupid but - wth is Valve?

Sorry, have no idea what Valve is. I couldn’t even Google that

Haha yeah, their name doesn’t turn up too many helpful google results!

Valve is the company behind Steam, SteamVR, and OpenVR. So far they haven’t built many pieces of VR hardware themselves, instead designing the system and letting other companies produce the hardware. They have however been working on “knuckles” controllers for use with SteamVR, and the images that leaked recently suggest that they have a fairly advanced set of HMD prototypes:

I’ve heard some rumors that they’ll be hosting some sort of event in the next few weeks that might be related, but I haven’t found anything verifiable yet.

That would make sense. With so little mentions of the company the only logical explanation is that they leaked prototype images by themselves and if they did that they must have a reason, like maybe some sort of event or something.