Virtual or Mixed Reality?

I bet most people are going to pick VR, but I think VR is a totally gaming thing and MR may have a lot of purpose in today’s world. You can work on visualizations of interiors/exteriors, creating models. A nice, but probably extremely expensive idea would be to introduce MR idea into museums and such. Imagine that instead of a guide, you would get a headset. It could project people and creatures over actual exhibitions and you could interact with people, so they would be your actual guide! I think MR may really develop into something.

Not just MR, but I can see all of them (VR, AR, MR) developing into something a lot bigger and different in the not so distant future. Should be exciting times!

They’re already doing some exciting stuff with VR and MR in places like museums. It really can help take people back to the past and experience things in a real way.

Microsoft has released quite a few MR devices alongside other manufacturers. Take a look at a recent review we did on the Acer Mixed Reality Headset:

Thanks guys, it was useful and good to read. I’m glad to hear something is easy to set up, I always feel overwhelmed when it comes to getting started on a new device. However, I see the Acer Mixed Reality is dedicated more to MR (or at least that’s what they were going for) and Oculus Rift is most certainly dedicated to VR. Does that mean both technologies work on both devices? Are they interchanging when it comes to equipment? Do you need completely separate devices for VR, MR, and AR? I’m confused now…

I think down the line, say 5 years time, most VR headsets will also be MR and AR devices too. But for now you have to pick one or the other. Actually, MR devices like that Acer one can be good because you can do both. But with an Oculus rift, it’s only VR, not MR. Sounds confusing I know.

At the moment, there’s just not enough content for MR or even AR stuff on headsets, so I’d personally recommend a VR headset.

Seems a bit silly and odd, I thought MR and AR are easier to generate than VR when talking about the graphics and the whole process. Was I wrong thinking that?