VR Headset for iOS

Is there a VR Headset specifically for iOS ? Or do all of the headsets work with iphones ?

Umm, if your asking if Apple make any VR headsets then the answer is no I’m afraid. But I have read that they’re planning one and it might be out in a couple of years.

For iOS mobiles, I think it’s only google cardboard, not sure about google daydream and then there’s probably quite a few cheaper headsets you can get on amazon.com etc

Yeah, it’s a bit weird Apple doesn’t have a VR headset in their offer. Seems fitting when you compare them with other companies, but Apple has never been known to go with the tide, right?
I hope that when they release their own VR headset, it’s gonna be way different from all others available on the market at the said time. Do you guys think it may be possible to create something entirely new in the VR technology?

With VR, it has to be some kind of headset or something goes over your eyes like sunglasses or similar.

But yeah I agree. When Apple do release something it will be at just the right time and will be ‘fashionable’. I think it will really help to make VR/AR finally go fully mainstream because at the moment it’s only mainly enthusiasts that are using it regularly, or even know about it properly.

Maybe Apple company are researching to make VR headset in a new level when they release one. There are a lot of VR headsets right now and I think they know that if they release just the same kind of device then it will not really impact too much. I also agree that VR is not really mainstream right now. Maybe they are also want to release one if majority of the users are interested on buying one. Another factor is the apps. I think there are only few Apps where you can use VR headset at the moment. Maybe if there are a lot of games or Apps in the market then they will release one.

The only downside is gonna be the price, I can bet on that. Apple is famous for their prices, but do you think the quality follows? I think it should be really groundbreaking for Apple to release something VR related, so people would actually buy it, not just consider it the next headset that’s available on the market. Maybe they will turn the headsets into something simply smaller? I’m pretty sure the overall look would make a big difference for a random buyer.

The only thing I’m sure about if an Apple VR Headset comes out, it’s about the price. It’s gonna be way over the top compared to the rest that’s for sure.

And about the quality, we would have to wait and find out if it’s gonna follow the price or not

The thing about price is that people buy iPhones which are around $1000 in many cases, but because it’s paid off monthly it doesn’t seem as much. So if they somehow offered VR headsets on finance, paid monthly, it would be great!

I bet Apple is planning already about how they would tweak VR and make it as if they invented it. They’ve done it a lot of times, though I’m not against it. For as long as they can create something that is worth their price tags.

You guys have been all very helpful, thanks for taking your time to answer :slight_smile: