What about Nintendo??

I see that we’re already talking about VR, Xbox One and PS4 but what about Nintendo?

I personally have a Wii, WiiU, 3DS and Switch!

I still like to break out my Wii and play Animal Crossing from time to time or use it to revisit my gamecube games so I don’t have to dig out the older system.

What about everyone else?

Here’s the Nintendo games I played.
Super Mario
Pokemon Red,Blue,Green, Yellow, Silver and Gold.
That was old school gaming using Nintendo Gameboy. :D.

I’m fond of Nintendo and I’m so sad to see them not following VR trends. There is a headset in development or Switch, but it has nothing to do with VR.

Agree! Wii was great and it would be cool to see something VR from Nintendo in the future.