What is the difference between MR and VR?

I’m new to this type of gaming and I would love to know what the difference is between MR and VR.

I did look it up but I don’t understand the difference between the two, so does anyone know?

So with VR your totally immersed in the content and can’t see the ‘outside’ world. Whereas with MR, you get a mix of both elements. You can see both the outside/real world as well as VR elements, and they normally interact with each other.

Alright, so how does AR exactly work? I’m aware that AR is a type of MR. In AR you can’t interact with the objects and in MR you can? Or am I getting it wrong?

As much as I know, AR is more on the environment/places. AR’s environment/map is fixed for all users, like in Pokemon Go, if your house is a gym, then everyone in your neighborhood who plays Pokemon Go will also detect on their devices that your house is a gym.

So we can say the AR is literally the background?

Simply put, Augmented Reality is overlaying digital content on a real world camera view.

And while many people may not be aware of it, AR is everywhere around us. One example would be Weather forecast on TV. Some weather shows even go so far that they present some of the weather effects (tornadoes, the height of flooding etc) in 3D for VR users.

Huh, a very fun and simple example. It seems much clearer now, thanks!
Weather forecast only for VR users, that would be something, wouldn’t it?