What would you like to see from VR in 2019?

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope it will bring plenty of good things to VR gaming.

Happy NY to you too! That’s a good question - I want less cables and better graphics. It would be cool to see some other improvements, like lower requirements and better sound but I’d be good if only first two happen.

All I want is Quest lol

I wouldn’t expect SO much from Quest lol

I hope to see some brand new technologies, not only prototypes but available for normal people. More haptic devices would be nice too. And better quality games. I’m getting tired of all this retro trend going on on Steam.

Better games. I don’t care much about hardware, it would be nice to see some improvements but I’m ok with it at its current state, but I really need something better to play before turning my headset into a pencil holder.Whenever I check on Steam I see hundreds of games from 2000 era and few with decent graphics but those have not more than 4 hours of gameplay and I really want this to change. It’s ridiculous we need high end gaming PC to be able to play short and pixelated games.

/rant over, thank you for listening

I hear you. ATM we have hundreds of wave shooters and escape room games most of them either bad or too short and barely few games worth mentioning. It’s almost like game developers forgot everything they’ve learned in last ten years.