What's your favorite Xbox One game?

We already have a topic for VR games so what about Xbox One games?

My personal favorite right now is probably The Evil Within 2.

Horror survival games can be great, if they’re done right and that’s something that’s hard to accomplish without the game coming off as cliche or “just another horror” but The Evil Within series does a fantastic job delivering a unique and fun gaming experience that has made me jump more than once!

What about you? What’s your favorite Xbox one game?

My favorite Xbox one game is Shenmue. What I want in this game is the reality environment and gameplay. I played Xbox right after PS1 so I was amazed with its graphics during that time. Another thing I want about Shenmue are the martial arts that you can master and use in battles. The game is like a real life RPG and now I think I should play it once more.

Is it gonna be basic if I say “Star Wars: Battlefront II”? I have only bought Xbox last year and I wasn’t familiar with the whole mechanic from Battlefront, Battlefield etc. It keeps changing with updates as they are trying to make it more interesting, they exchange the bad mechanics with different ones (sometimes bad too but they are trying, that counts, right?). As I fan of Star Wars in general, I like the whole game. Maybe the main storyline was weak, but nobody buys such games for storylines.

My favorite is Nier Automata, though it is also available on PC and PS4. The story is great, and the gameplay is full of hardcore. :smiley:

Is it gonna be basic if I say “Star Wars: Battlefront II”?

Actually you are not alone on this one :smiley: I also enjoyed Star Wars the most, I’m also a huge Star Wars fan and they’ve actually made the game so well, the gameplay is amazing, and the graphics are something else. Makes me feel as if I’m in a star wars movie while I’m playing

Mine would have to be Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Singleplayer really isn’t that good, but the multiplayer and zombies mode really make up for it. Tons of fun playing with friends killing all the zombies :smiley:

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This is pretty much a game close to perfection.

Quoting a review I once read on Steam, “The only bad thing about this game is the emptiness you feel after finishing it.”. This is as precise as it can get :slight_smile:

Makes me feel as if I’m in a star wars movie while I’m playing

I know, right? The plot mission when you are playing as Luke got me like… I’M A JEDI NOW
Boy, I don’t think I have ever enjoyed anything more than those few first seconds.