Which headset design do you like best?

I personally think Oculus Go is the prettiest as the most simple one. It’s white for one and we all know people like white devices…(Apple made sure of that!). It’s also very sleek. That’s only when we are talking about the headsets themselves, I can’t say I like the controller shape and size, reminds me of a key pendant because of the “bracelet”. Your favorite designs?

For me it’s the opposite, I like darker colors like grey/dark blue/black, and also what I don’t like about the Oculus Go is that there’s not much detail on it… from what I’ve seen so far, I definitely like the black HTC Vive the most, apart from the color it has some nice detail and edges to it so it’s not that monotonous.

In my opinion I think Lenovo Mirage Solo has the coolest design. I love the 2 circles in front of it that looks like a robot eye when you wear it. I don’t really like a plain design in front. And for device color, I think black or white may do. I don’t want other colors I think it will look weird.

Yeah, Lenovo Mirage Solo looks even kinda cute, reminding you of a robot when you look at it. I must admit I like this design even better than Oculus Go i mentioned!

The Oculus Go is actually light grey, not white :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the design of the PSVR, especially with the blue lights on. Looks cool.

As I too like dark designs as well, the new Pimax 8k Headset looks really awesome and futuristic. The only thing that is not that great personally for me is the size, it’s kind of huge compared to the rest

Ah, yes, I’ve been wondering why is that. Is it just the design of Pimax 8k? Or are there any particular characteristic, that are unavailable in other headsets that make it so big?