Why do AR games require you to leave the house?

I’ve noticed that with the AR games I’ve looked at they all seem to require you to go outside and actually walk around town to play, why is that? It makes sense for a game like Pokemon Go where the whole point is to explore the world but does every AR game have to require you to wander aimlessly?

Augmented Reality games use your ACTUAL environment as a BASE for your game’s environment. So, it will always be played outdoors. They use GPS to map your local area, then make it as a basis for your game’s actual map, then eventually augment it by adding special stuffs. Like in the case of Pokemon Go for example; let’s say that your actual backyard is a gym in the game. So, everyone in your neighborhood who plays Pokemon Go will detect your backyard as a gym as well. To make it simple, your actual environment becomes the playing grounds not just for you, but for everyone in your neighborhood playing the game. The reason why Augmented Reality games will always be played outdoors, well at least, best played outdoors.

I actually like the thought of whole world being one giant playground. That’s why I fell in love with Pokemon Go and Ingress. You are basically forced to go out, spend time on fresh air, walk, hang out, meet new people and I can’t see anything wrong with that.

I guess Pokemon Go did this but I’m sure there will be others when it catches on a bit more that let you play inside a limited area.

I know almost nothing about AR and only two games I can think of are PokemonGO and Ingress, both require exploring the real world on foot.

It would be cool to see some simple indoor games using AR